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"Je suis Charlie" resonates around the globe in demonstrations of solidarity

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By Euronews
"Je suis Charlie" resonates around the globe in demonstrations of solidarity

From Brussels to Montreal and from London to Washington people have turned out in their thousands to join solidarity rallies to honour the victims of the Paris attacks.

In the Belgian capital some 20 thousands took part in a peaceful demonstration against “hate”. Banners in a host of languages showed their support along with the slogan “Je suis Charlie”.

Although in remembrance of those who were killed organisers had also invited participants to dress colourfully and bring musical instruments.

In Germany at least 18,000 Berliners joined a solidarity rally. One person said the slaughter at the Charlie Hebdo magazine may have been an attack on freedom of expression but the turnout in cities across the globe showed that free speech would always be defended.

For many French expats, frustrated at being abroad while their countrymen are suffering, the rallies such as the one in Washington DC have been a way to connect with those back home.

In London which has been described as France’s sixth city since so many French men and woman have made the UK capital their home, Trafalgar Square and other iconic buildings were lit up with projections of the colours of the French flag.

And in the Turkish city of Istanbul some demonstrators marched holding tribute issues of the Leman newspaper, the country’s own satirical weekly.

In these and in many more cities the common theme was one of support.