Catalonia announces new 'independence plan'

Catalonia announces new 'independence plan'
By Euronews
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Artur Mas has said he wants to call early regional elections, centred around the issue of independence from Spain.

The head of the regional government in Catalonia told supporters in Barcelona he would aim to put together a coalition of all parties in favour of independence.

This, he added would be the “only” way for Catalans to voice their opinion.

Mas didn’t set a date for the proposed elections in the north eastern region.

However, he said if the joint list wins an absolute majority, it will give the green light to launch a process which could result in the creation of an independent Catalonia.

Public prosecutors in Spain have filed legal proceedings against Mas and other Catalan officials after they held a non-binding referendum on independence on November 9, despite a constitutional court suspension on the vote.

Approximately 80 percent of voters said they wanted Catalonia to become independent of Spain.

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