Outbreak of the plague in Madagascar kills 40

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By Euronews
Outbreak of the plague in Madagascar kills 40

The World Health Organisation has sounded the alarm over an outbreak of the plague in Madagascar.

It says 40 people have died since August, out of a total of some 120 cases.

The WHO says there is a risk of the disease spreading rapidly, and not everyone is aware of the crisis.

One resident said: “I don’t know anything about a disease outbreak. I really do not know what you’re talking about.”

There is concern that cases may start to spread in the capital, which has a dense population and a lack of good healthcare facilities.

Another resident said: “Our hospital can’t treat serious illnesses; they don’t have the facilities. They don’t even have medicine to deal with small cases.”

The plague is a deadly infectious disease spread between rodents, mainly by fleas, and humans infected can develop a bubonic form of plague.