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Immigration reforms supporters celebrate at the White House

Immigration reforms supporters celebrate at the White House
By Euronews
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It was a night of celebration for supporters of immigration reform in USA.

Activists, Democrats and families of undocumented migrants all gathered outside the White House to listen to what is being dubbed as Obama’s nation of immigrants address.

Recalling his 2008 victory, they chanted, “Yes We can”.

“Well, you know, we’re very passionate about the subject and this is a historical moment. I think the President’s doing a great job with regards to taking these measures,” said Joseph Izaguirre, Social Worker, from the Catholic University of America.

“I think Obama was very clear. This is temporary relief for so many families that have had a lot to fear for many years. And now they’ve been given a little bit of relief, a little bit of piece of mind. And there’s lots of tears being shed here and around America tonight,” said Democrat Texas State Representative Ramon Romero Jr.

Republicans are already pledging to thwart Obama’s action. The President challenged them to pass a bill through Congress to counter it.

Many immigration activists welcomed the news as a step in the right direction, but warned that the promise of a three year work visa wouldn’t be enough to make everyone move out of the shadows.

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