[Video] Mysterious "clip-board man" spotted unprotected near Ebola patient

[Video] Mysterious "clip-board man" spotted unprotected near Ebola patient
By Euronews
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During the transfer of Dallas nurse Amber Vinson to an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday, viewers saw a strange scene on the airport’s tarmac. Alongside four medical workers in while full hawmat suits and the nurse diagnosed with Ebola on a stretcher stood a man wearing nothing but civilian clothes and carrying a clipboard.

The ambulance company, the Atlanta hospital and the CDC all confirmed the mysterious unprotected man was working for them.

The Ebola virus is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person. However, a medical expert said during the "CBS This Morning show" “That’s not okay, Fortunately, Nurse Vinson in in a protective suit so maybe there’s no virus on the outside there, but that’s not protocol, that’s for sure.”

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