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Watch: Real-life prison break filmed and posted on social media

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By Euronews
Watch: Real-life prison break filmed and posted on social media

A group of foolhardy prisoners have filmed their escape from a jail in Brazil on a mobile phone and posted the images online.

Brazilian television also published CCTV footage allegedly showing some of the thirteen escapees running across the prison yard in Rio Verde, Goias state.

Two of the fugitives have now been caught and are being interrogated, according to media sources. Eleven more remain at large.

It is not clear whether the officers in charge of the prison played a direct and deliberate role in the jailbreak. However, police deputy Jacqueline Camargo Machado told reporters the prisoners’ cell had not been inspected for several weeks.

“The guard that was there on the day was looking after things,” she said. “We now know that there had not been an inspection of the cell for almost 60 days. They dug a tunnel and it was easy to escape.”

Brazilian media reports suggest the escapees took four days to dig the tunnel. Some sources say the hole began under the bed in one of the cells, others claim it was in one of the prison’s bathrooms.

Meanwhile, some local media outlets are also asserting the group uncovered and fled through the same tunnel used in a 2008 escape in which inmates also managed to break out.

The prison in Rio Verde is said to have a capacity of 20 people, with 47 inmates currently housed there.

As such, just one guard surveils the jail in the day and two police officers take over at night.