Treaty of London

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By Euronews
Treaty of London

1915: April 26

Since the outbreak of war Italy had been preparing itself for potential fighting against France because it was part of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. However, this alliance stated that Italy was only obliged to intervene if its allies were invaded and as Italy saw the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia as an act of aggression it declared it was free of any commitment. During WWI both sides tried hard to recruit neutral countries and Italy was no exception, although it drove a hard bargain when it came to signing the deal.

From the beginning Italy was very clear about its goals: it wanted more territories and it wanted to elevate its position in Europe. In the end it was the Entente Powers of Britain, France and Russia that offered it the best gains, which included parts of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires.

This secret treaty was signed in London on April 26, 1915 and then on May 23 Italy declared war on Germany.