The importance of vocational skills

The importance of vocational skills
By Euronews
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In a Europe of austerity and high unemployment, getting a job is not so easy. Employers are not only interested in the results of academic exams, but also skills.

In this edition of Learning World, we focus on the importance of vocational skills for school-goers, job-seekers and employees.

First, we visit the English countryside to stop by a secondary school grappling with the challenge of early school leavers.

Then we set sail on Italy’s Superba ship to join a career guidance seminar about professions at sea.

Finally, we join a group of European reporters on a study trip to Guatemala to find out more about the importance of field journalism in this digital age.

UK: School for skills

With around one million 16- to 24-year-olds NEETs in the UK – that is those who are “not in employment, education or training”, the concept of a NEET generation has become a reality.

Learning World meets teenager Jade from Huddersfield who, thanks to a new educational concept known as Studio School, has new-found confidence about her future career.

Get on board!

In the past, careers at sea were looked down upon in Italy. They were seen as just for students who could not work in the jobs they desired.

Learning World joined a seminar for secondary school students aboard the Superba ferry to find out about life at sea and the importance of training for young teenagers.

Breaking into news!

Finally, we examine the value of vocational training for employees. We report on a group of European journalists during their four day seminar in Guatemala. Organised by the European Journalism Centre, the seminar teaches reporters about the importance of field research.

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