Watch: 'Firenado' caught on camera in California

Watch: 'Firenado' caught on camera in California
By Euronews
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#[View the story “‘Firenado’ caught on camera in California” on Storify]‘Firenado’ caught on camera in California

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This is remarkable footage of a ‘firenado’ that formed amid the blazes ravaging southern California.

Several wildfires have hit areas of San Diego County, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

The phenomenon, spotted in the Falbrook-Bonsall area, is a combination of intense heat and strong winds. The pocket of rotating air feeds fresh oxygen to the fires.

Fire tornado in California: ‘Firenado’ caught on camera as wildfires ravage San Diegoeuronews

A "firenado" is a tornado mixed with fire… Yes, it really happens.

‘Firenados’, although rare, have also been spotted in Brazil and Australia.

FIRE TORNADO in Brazil São Paulo Cityadilsonvirso

Firenado Caught on Video By Australian Filmmaker Sep 18, 2012- ABC Newspolycarpbeta

The spotting of the ‘firenado’ comes amid fresh amateur footage emerging of the blazes affecting southern California.

Cocos Fire 2014, San Marcosfathom216

#washingtoniafire #socalwildfire #cocosfirehasty_one

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