#Sochiproblems: baffled Olympic journalists tweet surprising, gross finds

#Sochiproblems: baffled Olympic journalists tweet surprising, gross finds
By Thomas Seymat
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Baffled foreign journalists covering the Sochi Olympic Games have taken to Twitter to share with the world the various problems, from unfinished hotel rooms to general dirtiness, they have encountered.

Despite the Games’ 37 billion euro price tag, many things seem not to be running smoothly. The Twitter account @SochiProblems has started to aggregate some of the cheeky complaints from journalists in Sochi.

Here are some of them:

#Sochi2014 because who doesn't want to use a public restroom with completely mirrored ceilings? thanks shayba arena! pic.twitter.com/dTcFWseIAu

— Steph Stricklen (@StephStricklen) 6 Février 2014

YOU HAD ONE JOB #SochiOpeningCeremony@sochiproblems#openingceremonypic.twitter.com/7MS5duuuHU

— °Meryl°Evens° (@merylevens) 8 Février 2014

My teammate got stuck in the bathroom. Barefoot, naked and alone he called his inner strength. @JohnnyQuinnUSApic.twitter.com/xvlKtYpaaT

— Dallas Robinson (@DRobUSA) 8 Février 2014

A lot of complaints about the accommodations. This is the foyer of my apartment. #SochiProblemspic.twitter.com/gKnxCywKF0

— Mark Connolly (@MarkConnollyCBC) 6 Février 2014

To anyone in Sochi: I am now in possession of three light bulbs. Will trade for a door handle. This offer is real: pic.twitter.com/7AeesqDi8Y

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) 4 Février 2014

Unfortunately random light fixtures appear to be falling pic.twitter.com/zVRWaUxp7d

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) 5 Février 2014

Only one light bulb per lamp apparently. #SochiProblemspic.twitter.com/RmgaybDqmg

— Mark Connolly (@MarkConnollyCBC) 6 Février 2014

We put radiator in wrong place, we may fix it. #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/2gbfMNDrG0

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 6 Février 2014

Some warm apple cider coming from my tap...wait is that water? #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/JMvV6uCTGG

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 6 Février 2014

Hallways very dangerous, keep calm and carry on...or trip and fall and hit head. #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/W2byFOOgax

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 6 Février 2014

'Yuri, first things first. Let's get that electrical socket installed a foot over the door.' #Sochipic.twitter.com/sp5fprdbat

— cathalkelly (@cathalkelly) 5 Février 2014

In my Sochi hotel. You're welcome to pop by and sit forlornly in my Chairs of Desolation. pic.twitter.com/msoqXAIcj4

— cathalkelly (@cathalkelly) 5 Février 2014

Paralympians we made you a ramp to, oh nevermind. #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/y7HLLxiTd5

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 5 Février 2014

Ok, doorknob karma. My apologies, Sochi. pic.twitter.com/OBV8cR3uDA

— Barry Petchesky (@barryap1) 4 Février 2014

@HarryCNN having no luck in Sochi. #SochiProblems#Sochi#Sochi2014#Olympicspic.twitter.com/kDkVu5KyiC

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 4 Février 2014

No flush, must play basketball with used toilet paper. #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/tHus7WfgtH

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 4 Février 2014

We torture your bowels with complex toilets. #SochiProblems#Sochi2014pic.twitter.com/ggu1ALH4xE

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) 4 Février 2014

Seeing double in the Gentlemen's Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre #Sochipic.twitter.com/a1HoilU9zn

— Steve Rosenberg (@BBCSteveR) January 20, 2014

Fellow journo: Colleague lost hotel room key. Hotel did not have copy. So instead of giving a new key, they removed the whole door.

— SeanFitz_Gerald (@SeanFitz_Gerald) 5 Février 2014

Canada House, in Olympic Park, still under construction, still playing to the idea we all own a cottage somewhere. pic.twitter.com/YyxfqeBzlQ

— SeanFitz_Gerald (@SeanFitz_Gerald) 4 Février 2014

My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says, "do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous." #Sochi2014

— Stacy St. Clair (@StacyStClair) 4 Février 2014

Water restored, sorta. On the bright side, I now know what very dangerous face water looks like. #Sochi#unfilteredpic.twitter.com/sQWM0vYtyz

— Stacy St. Clair (@StacyStClair) 4 Février 2014

Also on the bright side: I just washed my face with Evian, like I'm a Kardashian or something.

— Stacy St. Clair (@StacyStClair) 4 Février 2014

The reception of our hotel in #Sochi has no floor. But it does have this welcoming picture. pic.twitter.com/8isdoBuytl

— Kevin Bishop (@bishopk) 4 Février 2014

Bees in your honey, beer colored water, no flush toilets and the buzz abt #Sochi yuck factor today on @GMApic.twitter.com/CvztMrEHRE

— Matt Gutman (@mattgutmanABC) 5 Février 2014

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