This solar eclipse footage is out-of-this-world!

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By Euronews
This solar eclipse footage is out-of-this-world!

Proba-2, the European Space Agency’s Sun-watching satellite has recorded stunning footage of the partial solar eclipse on November 3.

“The video was produced from images taken by Proba-2’s SWAP imager, which snaps the Sun in ultraviolet light,” explained ESA on its Youtube channel. “Stormy active regions on the Sun’s face are revealed, including sunspots, the roots of some large solar flares and ‘coronal mass ejections’ that are occasionally directed towards Earth.”

If there appears to be several eclipses in a row, it is because “Proba-2 orbits Earth about 14.5 times per day, dipping in and out of the Moon’s shadow around the time of a solar eclipse.” So “from its vantage point in Earth’s orbit, Proba-2 saw several partial eclipses.”

Meanwhile, on Earth, partial or total eclipses were visible in some parts of the world on November 3.

Partial solar eclipse at sunrise in Maryland, USA

Solar eclipse viewed from Key West, Florida, USA, on November 3