Crowds in Tahrir: a question of perspective

Crowds in Tahrir: a question of perspective
By Euronews
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How do you make a small gathering appear like a crowded throng?

These pictures were purportedly taken in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after the swearing-in ceremony of Egypt’s new interim president, Adli Mansour.

According to the pictures’ metadata, the picture of what appears to be a crowded Tahrir Square (top) was taken at 15:12.

The two other pictures (middle and bottom) were taken at 15:20. In these last two, with photographers, cameramen, journalists and curious onlookers surrounding a group of people that bears little resemblance to the throng of people in picture one. In fact, Tahrir Square seems almost empty.

With the correct camera angles and a telephoto lens, the untrained eye may perhaps get the false impression that there is a huge crowd on the square, cheering on the newly-instated President Mansour. In reality, the celebrations were perhaps not all that the photographers, or their superiors, wanted viewers to believe.

Proof that things are not always as they seem.

FULL SIZE (1680 px) Photo # 1

FULL SIZE (1680 px) Photo # 2

FULL SIZE (1680 px) Photo # 3

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