Changing lives through education

Changing lives through education
By Euronews
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Poverty, marginalisation and abuse can have a dramatic impact on the level and quality of education a young person receives.

Various projects have been established around the world to try and fill the gap, offering specialist learning programmes and support.

Spain: Collateral Damage

Spain’s financial crisis has left some parents struggling to support their children through school.

According to UNICEF, nearly 2.3 million young people are living in poverty in the country.

The Red Cross is supporting families finding it difficult to make ends meet. Among other things, it provides educational materials for students.

Education is free and compulsory in Spain, but there are fears the country’s economic woes are having an impact on learning.

China: Working Classes

China’s booming economy relies on millions of migrant workers from the countryside, but they often suffer from discrimination and are relegated to low-paid, sometimes dangerous jobs.

Under the country’s registration system, these workers are not entitled to welfare assistance or public education.

But things are starting to look up for those hoping to boost their education and skills.

The Beijing Municipal Labour Union has developed a university-level education service. Around 140 people attend classes at weekends.

Philippines: Once in a shelter

Domestic and international people trafficking is rife in the Philippines, putting many young people, especially women, in danger of physical and sexual abuse.

As the government cracks down on smugglers, non-government organisations are helping victims to look to the future.

‘My Refuge House,’ in Cebu province, provides specialist learning programmes and support for young people. It is hoping to expand its work in the future, offering 42 places.


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