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  • MH17 report: passengers of flight MH17 who were not killed by missile were unconscious within moments
  • Russia disagrees with the MH17 report’s conclusions about the type of warhead and missile and dsays Ukraine should have closed the airspace over its east region
  • Flight MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile fired from Eastern Ukraine – Dutch report
  • 170,000 irregular migrants entered the EU in September, 710,000 so far in 2015 v. 282,000 in full-year 214 announces Frontex
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Peshawar, Pakistan

World news about “Peshawar, Pakistan” published by euronews.

28/04 10:21 CET

Pakistan heavy rains leave dozens of dead – nocomment

Pakistan heavy rains leave dozens of dead – nocomment

People were mourning and burying their dead in Peshawar, Pakistan after at least 44 people were killed when heavy rains and strong winds tore through the north west of the country, uprooting trees and destroying buildings.