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French butchers want protection against vegan 'terrorism'

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By Alice Tidey
French butchers want protection against vegan 'terrorism'
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French butchers have called on the government to protect them against violent attacks from vegan “terrorism.”

In an open letter to home minister Gerard Collomb, the Confederation Française de la Boucherie, Boucherie-Charcuterie, Traiteurs (CFBCT) — a union representing artisan butchers — denounced recent attacks against members of their profession.

“For the past few months, the 18,000 artisan butchers in our country are worried about the consequences of the increased media exposure of the vegan lifestyle,” CFBCT president, Jean-François Guihard, wrote in the letter published on Facebook.

“Although respectful about our compatriots’ food choices, we are deeply shocked that a part of the population wants to impose its lifestyle to the vast majority, not to say its ideology,” he added.

In recent months, some butcher shops across the country have had rocks and fake blood thrown on their storefronts.

A vegan militant was also found guilty of apologising for terrorism after a butcher from a Super U supermarket was killed in a March terror attack in Trèbes, south-west France.

“So what, you find it shocking that a murderer was killed by a terrorist? I don’t,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “Justice does exist.”

For Guihard, these attacks “are more or less a form terrorism.”

“It’s terror that these few individuals and organisations seek to sow, with one goal in mind: to quite simply make disappear an entire part of French culture,” he added

“Please let French people eat what they want!”