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Conservatives lead shrinks in latest polls ahead of UK election

United Kingdom

Conservatives lead shrinks in latest polls ahead of UK election

The race for Westminster is narrowing, as new polls show the Conservative party’s lead over the opposition Labour shrink. However, the party of British Prime Minister Theresa May is still in front by at least 11 points with just weeks until election day.

She made her first Scottish campaign stop in Aberdeen, urging voters to strengthen the union with the UK, as they seek to break ties with Brussels.

“Right now we should be working together not pulling apart. And that’s, that’s why I say, every vote for me and my team in this election will be a vote for strengthening our hand in the Brexit negotiations,” May told supporters.

In East London, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, told voters May was focusing on Brexit, to divert attention away from the ruling party’s track record.

“The Conservatives would much rather make incredible promises about Britain’s future outside the European Union than talk about a scorecard of broken promises and neglect stretching back over seven years.”

But his pleas may be in vain, with another poll showing that nearly half of those who voted Labour in 2015 could desert them for another party come election day on June 8.


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