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Istanbul attack: Families and friends mourn


Istanbul attack: Families and friends mourn

Another of the 39 victims of the New Year’s Day massacre in Istanbul has been buried as family and friends mourned.

Ahmet Gorak was working as a waiter at the upmarket Reina Club when the gunman opened fire.

But most of those killed that night were not locals. Many were foreign nationals from as far afield as the Middle East, North Africa and India.

In Beirut a plane arrived carrying three bodies.

All of those killed, died from gun-shot wounds, some of them shot at a very close distance or even point-blank range according to a leaked forensic report.

The coffins, covered with the Lebanese flags were taken away to await burial while Lebanon’s Prime Minister boarded the plane to meet three survivors who were wounded but alive.

And in a show of solidarity Germany which is home to at least three million Turkish immigrants lit up the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with the Turkish flag. One German and one Turkish citizen residing in the country were among those who died in the attack.