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French and Egyptian authorities vow solidarity over missing aircraft


French and Egyptian authorities vow solidarity over missing aircraft

French and Egyptian authorities have been reacting to the disappearance of EgyptAir flight MS804 with 66 people on board.
The French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault spoke the world’s media in Paris:

“Obviously, we can only imagine the anguish of the families. There are 15 French citizens on board. So, our top priority is to inform the relatives. A crisis management unit has been set up at the Foreign Ministry. A hotline number has opened, and the families have already started to call, relatives are also welcomed in a hotel near the airport . Another crisis unit is at work in our embassy in Cairo”

French Prime Minster Manuel Valls promised assistance in the search for the aircraft: “France is ready to participate in the search and rescue mission as soon as Egyptian authorities request it. At this stage, no theory can be ruled out regarding the causes of the disappearance.”

Speaking from Cairo International Airport Egyptian Prime Minister
Sherif Ismail said. “All we can say is that contact with the aircraft stopped in a specific area and the search operation is focused there.The military have sent aircraft and ships and they will arrive at the site shortly. We are cooperating with Greek authorities and Greek aircraft are currently searching the area.”