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Alien attacks create panic and destruction in 'The 5th Wave'


Alien attacks create panic and destruction in 'The 5th Wave'

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Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks leave most the the Earth devastated. Against a backdrop of fear and mistrust Cassie Sullivan goes on the run desperately trying to save her younger brother, Sammy in the movie The 5th Wave.

As she prepares for the fifth alien attack she teams up with a young man called Evan who may just be her final hope – if only she could trust him.

“Well I think what I find interesting about this character from alike a young woman’s point of view and why I wanted to kind of portray here is the fact that she’s not extraordinary. She’s not chosen from the masses to take on this big role and go down this heavy hard path. She really is an ordinary teenage girl who isn’t the smartest, isn’t the most athletic, but it’s her human courage that is underlined within her that is what comes out and sparks everything for her to fight for,” explained the actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

The movie is adapted from Rick Yancey’s young adult novel. Nick Robinson plays a teenager drafted into an army training unit to fight the aliens. Robinson was conscious about the more violent scenes featuring children and young adults.

“I think the film tries to deal with the subject as careful as possible. But you know Rick wrote a very realistic book and this was the consequences of this invasion, which is that these children had to step into the shoes which were normally reserved for adults. And it’s something that I think we were all very conscious when we were making it,” said Nick Robinson.

Maria Bello and Liev Schreiber also star in “The 5th Wave which is on release in Europe now.

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