Greece: parliament approves reforms but opinion is divided

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By Euronews
Greece: parliament approves reforms but opinion is divided

Agreeing to reform the judiciary and banking systems was a key step for Greece.

Talks can now start with international creditors on the country’s third bailout, worth 85 billion euros.

What do Greeks think?

With 230 to 63 in favour, lawmakers were clearly behind the call for reform.

But on the streets, as ever, opinion is firmly divided.

“Obviously, there has to be some kind of reform,” said one man. “But they should make the criteria more humane, so it is not just those who are working and pensioners who bear the brunt.”

Another man thinks things would be worse if parliament had voted no. “It will be much worse if we leave the euro. It is time people realised that leaving the euro is not an option.”

A third man sees more poverty and misery ahead. “It would be better to have stayed with the national currency, the drachma, rather than to have kept the euro and be poor and penniless.”

What happens now?

Representatives from Greece’s international creditors are in Athens.

Negotiations on the new bailout are due to begin on Friday.