An artist performs behind the glass wall of a container during the "Please Don't Touch" performance in Litschau, Austria.

Five artists self-quarantine in glass rooms for theatre performance

Five artists are voluntarily isolating themselves for two weeks as part of a theatre festival in Litschau, Austria.

The young actors are part of a theatre group kollekTIEF and will be locked in glass containers for 14 days for the performance "Bitte Nicht Berühren" ("Please do not touch").

The performance imitates the imposed quarantine period to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The five boxes, each equipped with a glass panel on the long side, are set up in a circle. They are furnished in the same way but styled differently.

The artists will only be accompanied by 14 personal items and can interact with each other using a microphone.

They can only leave the container to go to the toilet or the shower.

The audience can watch these isolated volunteers around the clock. The performance started on August 1st and runs until August 15th.