New desktop wallpaper? Autumn colours in China

New desktop wallpaper? Autumn colours in China

The late autumn natural scenery is decorating China with spectacular colours from north to south.

In Benxi City, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, the mountains’ autumnal shades have attracted tourists from elsewhere in the country and abroad, CCTV China Central Television reported.

“It’s great! It feels like going back to nature,” said Zhang Ping, a tourist. “Though it’s late autumn now, I still feel the healthy beauty here. It’s very beautiful.”

In Tiantai County, east China’s Zhejiang Province, and Jiuquan City, northwest China’s Gansu Province, the pleasant climate has attracted groups of egrets hovering over rivers.

Meanwhile in the northern Shanxi Province, over 400 whooper swans have arrived at the Yellow River Wetland to spend the winter.