What are Greece’s entry rules? Everything you need to know to plan a holiday

Oia town, Santorini island, with its traditional white houses and blue-domed churches.
Oia town, Santorini island, with its traditional white houses and blue-domed churches. Copyright Getty Images/Maglara
Copyright Getty Images/Maglara
By Lottie Limb
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Here's how travel and domestic restrictions have changed in Greece from May, and when indoor masks are likely to be lifted.


Greece has dropped all of its Covid travel restrictions, just in time for the summer holidays.

Since 2 May, no tourists need to show vaccine passports, test results or any other pandemic-related documents to enter the country, the government confirmed last week.

There are few destinations with a colour palette as appealing as Greece, with its azure seas, blue-domed churches and cloudless skies offset by white beaches and sun-bleached ruins.

A perennial favourite of European holidaymakers, the destination will entice millions of travellers back in 2022. It's set for an even bigger rebound now the rules are relaxing.

As well as lifting entry rules from May, Greece has scrapped most domestic Covid measures - including the need to show vaccine certificates to access cafes, bars and other venues. The rules on masks are more ambiguous - as we explain below.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re heading to Greece soon.

What are Greece’s entry rules?

GianlucaFF/Getty Images
With hundreds of islands - from the black volcanic sands of Santorini, to the white coves of Zakynthos - there’s a coastline for everyone.GianlucaFF/Getty Images

Greece has dropped all remaining travel restrictions, meaning unvaccinated tourists no longer need to take a pre-departure test to enter the country. 

All passengers - regardless of where they're travelling from - no longer need to show proof of vaccination, Covid tests or recovery certificates, after Greece's Committee of Health Experts agreed to drop the measures.

Passenger Locator Forms had already been scrapped on 15 March, though the forms were kept in place to enable unvaccinated travellers to generate QR codes for their test results from the Visit Greece app.

With entry to Greek venues no longer dependent on people's Covid status, there's no further use for the forms.

What are the COVID rules in Greece?

People arriving in Greece from May can look forward to much-eased domestic measures too.

A vaccine certificate (or negative test result) is no longer required to enter most venues such as shops, restaurants and museums.

Face masks are still needed in public spaces, however, including in hotel lobbies and on public transport. This applies to all children aged four and over. Health minister Thanos Plevris has indicated that this rule could continue into the summer, despite some reports putting an end date on masks of 1 June.

“We do not know [when the mask will not be mandatory]. It is possible that the measure of wearing masks indoors might not be lifted, because the mask is a mild measure," he said on 28 April.

“What we suggest is that masks indoors will continue in May and then, based on the epidemiological picture in the country, decisions will be taken for June.”

And although Greece's rules have eased significantly this month, Plevris emphasised that these measures are being suspended, rather than abolished altogether. This means the new rules will be reviewed in September, and could be re-tightened at that point.

Do you still need to quarantine if you test positive in Greece?

The latest guidance from the Ministry of Tourism states that those who test positive for COVID while in Greece can isolate at their accommodation - provided the length of your stay covers the isolation period. 

Five days has been the mandatory self-isolation period up until May. Euronews Travel has sought clarification about whether this is still the case, and if isolation must be completed in a quarantine hotel if this period extends beyond your booked stay.

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