Get into beach-based working with these 7 digital nomad destinations

As 'work from home' transitions to 'work from anywhere', these are the best beach destinations for digital nomads
As 'work from home' transitions to 'work from anywhere', these are the best beach destinations for digital nomads Copyright Getty via Canva
By Jenny Southan
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Fancy working from Mexico or Barbados? Well these paradise-like spots are offering 'digital nomad visas'.


With remote working now a way of life for laptop-centric professionals the world-over, working from home in 2020 gave way to 'working-from-anywhere' in 2021 and beyond.

Living an untethered existence that doesn’t rely on having to show up for work at an office (or even being in a specific city) means 'digital nomads' can move around and conduct their business from anywhere with wifi.

Coupled with this has been a devastating drop-off in tourism, which means many countries around the world (particularly paradise destinations economically reliant on visitors) are doing everything they can to entice people from overseas.

We've looked at seven locations that have recently launched dedicated visas for digital nomads.


Getty via Canva
Is Barbados beckoning?Getty via Canva

The year-long Barbados Welcome Stamp was one of the first digital nomad visas to become available in July. It is also one of the most pricey.

But Prime Minister Mia Mottley says that it is flexible.

“You can come here and work for a couple months at a time; go back and come back," she explains.

According to the chairman of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, Sunil Chatrani, the island “boasts the fastest fibre internet and mobile services in the Caribbean”.

Price: €1650/person or €2,500 for families


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You can always use the Bermuda triangle as an excuse for late work if you're here...Getty via Canva

Bermuda is also happy to welcome remote workers for up to 12 months so long as they can provide health insurance, as well as proof of employment or enrolment in higher education.

The Bermuda Business Development Agency can provide guidance and assistance when it comes to connecting with the local business community.

Price: €220


Getty via Canva
What your weekends - or even your lunchbreaks - could look like as digital nomads in Mauritius.Getty via Canva

Mauritius’s Premium Visa will allow location-independent workers to base themselves on this Indian Ocean island for up to a year, provided they earn their main source of income elsewhere.

A concierge will help arrivals with finding a place to live, getting a car and setting up a bank account.

**Price: **The premium visa is issued free of charge.

Antigua and Barbuda

Getty via Canva
The colourful port of St John's on Antigua.Getty via Canva

Antigua and Barbuda’s 'Nomad Digital Residence' visa programme is valid for up to two years - so long as applicants expect to earn more than US$50,000 per year.

This independent Commonwealth country (comprised of two islands) is located in the West Indies and has both rainforest and stunning white sand beaches.

Price: €1240/person or €1650 for a couple or €2500 for a family.



Getty via Canva
It doesn't get more paradisiacal than Anguilla.Getty via Canva

The low-lying island of Anguilla, in the Eastern Caribbean, is charging the same as Barbados for its 91 days to 12-months working visa.

“Trade sidewalks for beach work,” it says it its promotional video.

The proposition is definitely tempting although it’s worth noting that it is a very small island measuring just 26km by 5km so there is a very limited choice of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Price: €1650/individual or €2500/family

Cayman Islands

Getty via Canva
Swim with stingrays at lunch and then head for a stroll on Seven Mile Beach after work (if you can afford Grand Cayman that is...)Getty via Canva

The Global Citizen Concierge programme allows financially independent people to work in the Cayman Islands for up to two years.


However, applicants must make a minimum income of €83,000 a year, if applying as an individual. This particular British Overseas Territory has three islands, Grand Cayman being the largest at 196km².

Price: €1250 per year for up to two people (€415 per dependent, per annum)


Getty via Canva
Take your pick of beautiful spots in Mexico, where you get amazing culture, food, people - and of course beaches like this one in Tulum.Getty via Canva

If you fancy setting up shop in the trendy tropical paradise of Tulum, for example, Mexico’s temporary residence visa is available for digital nomads who have earned over US$27,000 over the past year or had a monthly income of US$1,620 or more over the last six months.

Renting property is cheap and the country has a wide variety of experiences and places to explore.

Price: €30


As people rethink not only the way they work but the way they holiday, the benefits of combining work with leisure over a prolonged period will become obvious, and embraced in a way that people didn’t have the courage to do so before.

Jenny Southan is editor and founder of travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender

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