Calling all digital nomads: You can get paid to move to one of these US towns

Savannah, Georgia is one of the American towns paying digital nomads to move there
Savannah, Georgia is one of the American towns paying digital nomads to move there Copyright Getty via Canva
Copyright Getty via Canva
By Sarah Palmer
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Discover the communities in America that are paying digital nomads to make the move - and find out why.


Thanks to the website, digital nomads could be in with a chance of being paid just to relocate to one of these towns in America.

The site is designed to help both digital nomads and communities profit from remote working lifestyles. It’s mainly targeted towards localities which are passed over when it comes to corporate expansion - smaller towns and cities, which because of this lack of mass workforce don’t reap the economic benefits.

Bringing in remote talent is helping to combat the issue, building local tax bases and boosting small businesses.

For the first time in modern working history, this past year has allowed people to disconnect where they live from where they work. Once, a job might have dictated your living situation; we’re in the middle of a change which has established remote working as the norm, the workplace becoming largely redundant, and a workforce seeing a lot more potential for freedom of movement.

Which US towns are paying people to move there?’s mission is to help people make their perfect move. The site showcases a range of incentives provided by various communities - from cash to loan assistance - based on a profile users set up in advance.

Here are some of the American towns that are currently offering incentives to draw crowds of remote workers.

West Lafayette, Indiana

This initiative by Purdue University will see the facility deliver a first of-its-kind community for remote workers. Applicants get to live on campus, access university resources and network. Candidates could receive a €4,000 relocation stipend that can be applied to moving costs, housing, co-working space, childcare and more.

Savannah, Georgia

The beautiful city of Savannah is looking for tech professionals, who would receive €1,600 for moving expenses.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Grant recipients receive €8,500 and a coworking space membership, meaning you can meet like-minded people in a working environment. The deal also comes with special housing opportunities and programmes which will help you engage with the local community and make Tulsa feel more like home.

Getty via Canva
The Tulsa skylineGetty via Canva

Topeka, Kansas

The built-up city of Topeka features some beautiful historic neighbourhoods, slow suburbs and modern lofts downtown. If you’re looking to buy, there’s a €8,500 payment towards your new home - and a €4,000 subsidy towards living costs if you’re renting. Topeka also features a 10 per cent lower cost of living than the average US city.

Montpelier, Vermont

Based in what has been voted the safest American state, relocating to the pretty town of Montpelier means remote workers receive up to €4,200 per year for up to two years. Applicants who move and become a full-time employee of a Vermont-based business will be eligible for up to €6,300.

Harmony, Minnesota

Home to one of America’s top 10 caves, Harmony, Minnesota, is offering remote workers €10,000 in cash rebates towards the purchase of a home. The surrounding countryside is as idyllic as the name suggests, dotted with wineries and outdoor activities for snow and water.

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