Your Christmas gift guide for the eco-conscious traveller

Travel essentials.
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By Laura Sanders
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While travel remains on hold for many, this Christmas is the perfect opportunity to invest in your 2021 adventures.


With travel still on hold for a lot of people right now, this Christmas is the perfect time to invest in adventures to come.

The pandemic has given people time to reflect on the impact travel has on the environment. So we’ve been thinking about the eco-friendly alternatives you can get for your traveller friends this year.

Here’s our top six eco-themed travel gifts to inspire your Christmas shopping.

Upcycled backpacks designed to fit in overhead cabin lockers

If you’re a keen traveller yourself, you’ll know that finding a bag that will fit in the overhead locker is a dream come true.

This collection from M-24 does just that - and, they’re all made out of upcycled truck tarpaulin and seat belt straps.

The large backpacks start at £85 on the website, which have been specifically designed with carry-on luggage in mind.

Gut health on the go

Keeping on top of our health routine can sometimes be a challenge when travelling. If you know somebody who is going backpacking, this ‘Super Elixer’ supplement could come in handy.

Founded by Elle Macpherson, WelleCo’s ‘The Super Elixir’ ingestible beauty supplement is scientifically-backed and sustainably sourced.

It’s formulated from more than 45 naturally-derived wholefoods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics, all designed to assist wellness, digestion and vitality.

WelleCo's ‘The Super Elixir Travel Sachets’ are £26 and can be found online at

WelleCo 'The Super Elixir' travel sachetsWelleCo

A gift that gives back to tourism communities in Latin America

Rather than buying an unwanted gift, you can donate to someone in need on behalf of your loved one.

The communities in Latin America that rely so heavily on tourism need support now more than ever. The LATA foundation has created a collection of Christmas gift vouchers to suit every budget.

Just £5 will cover a pair of ballet shoes for a child attending Projeto Vidançar; a dance school for underprivileged children from one of Brazil’s favelas. If you have a bigger budget in mind, £100 would cover one month’s worth of PPE equipment for five Mayan midwives operating in remote areas of Guatemala.

Whether you’re struggling for a £5 Secret Santa idea, or need a larger gift for that difficult-to-buy-for family member, the LATA Foundation has a whole range of brilliant voucher options to help give back.

You can find out more and buy a voucher here.

Post-holiday faux glow

You can’t beat that healthy sun-kissed glow after a holiday. Since those are largely on hold at the moment, you can get a sun-free, guilt-free tan with this vegan and eco-friendly faux glow from The Isle of Paradise.

If you know a sun-worshipper who would appreciate the gesture, you can head to The Isle of Paradise website. Most tanning products start at £19.95.

Electric heaters for your walking boots

Nothing beats that crisp winter air when you go for a hike, but it sometimes comes with the added extra of cold, wet feet. With many of us taking up walking during lockdown, this ingenious bit of tech could be a welcome addition to somebody’s hiking gear.


The Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB heating system can be used to dry out and disinfect shoes and gloves on the go. After a wet and muddy winter hike or run, simply plug these warming units in, pop them inside a pair of boots or trainers, and they will be fresh, dry and ready for the next adventure.

Priced at £24.95, you can find them from Absolute Snow’s website.

Walking boots.Getty

A wall map showing some of the world’s best hiking trails

We’re all looking ahead to a time when we can travel again without such stringent coronavirus restrictions. In the meantime, this map could grace the wall of a hiking enthusiast looking to plan their next adventure.

The Absolute Snow map shows trails and hiking destinations around the world. Not only does it include long-distance hiking trails like the Appalachian trail, but family friendly hikes and nature trails too, with information on landscape, length and special icons for birding and heritage trails.

It costs £25.95 and can be found on the Absolute Snow website.

Man hikes up a mountain.Getty
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