Exploring steep ridges with breathtaking views in Hatta

Exploring steep ridges with breathtaking views in Hatta
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By James O’Hagan

Hiking and climbing in the Hajar Mountains - in this week's Adventures on Euronews.

In the Hajar Mountains, the highest range in the eastern Arabian peninsula, we were taken to a place called Hatta - a hiking hotspot and enclave of Dubai.

Our mountain guide, Fadi Hachicho, is also the founder of Adventurati outdoor. He gave up his corporate job to pursue his dream lifestyle.

Fadi, mountain guide and founder of Adventurai outdoor, took us into the mountainsAdventures

"Five years ago, I used to work in the corporate world. I signed up to Kilimanjaro… that was the first big summit. Two months after, I resigned, got certified as a mountaineer, ice climber and rock climber, came back and here I am," he explained.

For this episode of Adventures on Euronews, I was given a lesson in scrambling and bouldering by Fadi, to reach one of Hatta's peaks, where at the top we would also walk along a ridge. 

Getting a lesson in scrambling and boulderingAdventures

We put on our safety gear to prepare - including a harness and a helmet.

"This is where the real action starts. We’re going to learn to scramble and boulder our way up this terrain which is quite loose as you can see," Fadi told me.

Hiking along a ridge in Hatta, in the Hajar mountainsAdventures

He explained how it was important to focus on my foot position as we navigated our way up the mountain.

At the top, the views were breathtaking - certainly a diverse playground full of adventure and stunning scenery.

Sunset view over HattaAdventures

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