Women Beyond Borders: the Red Sea citizen

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By Sarah Palmer

Welcome to Euronews Travel’s first video series, Women Beyond Borders, with which we are bringing you first-person stories from women around the world who are living brave, adventurous lives, and conquering their own personal challenges on the road. These women live for travel and adventure. While some are crossing the world in pursuit of the most unique experiences, or pursuing a lifestyle that many would dream of, others are breaking the mould of traditionally male-dominated industries. We want our series to inspire you to believe in the power of your own dreams.

This week’s Women Beyond Borders episode is all about taking a dive into the unknown.

Born and raised in Taif, Saudi Arabia, Nouf Alosaimi studied tourism management in Manchester, and subsequently chose a job in the industry.

In 2008, she made the life changing decision to do a recreational scuba dive while on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. She was hooked from day one - it was all she could think about back home in her office job. Eventually, she decided to make it her career.

Since then, she has built an all-female diving community, Pink Bubbles Divers, whose mission is to empower Saudi women to get involved with scuba diving.

Alosaimi has also used her influence to raise awareness around issues including shark conservation, reef conservation and respecting sea life.

What keeps her going?

Alosaimi says, “My whole life is about scuba diving. This is where I find my happiness. To have a passion, and to chase it, and to have it also as a career - that’s everyone’s dream.”

When we asked Alosaimi what travel meant to her, she said: “Travel is where you really get to meet yourself.”

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