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Jazmyn Canning and Crystal Drinkwalter
Jazmyn Canning and Crystal Drinkwalter Copyright cleared
By Eva zu Beck
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For 26-year-old Jazmyn Canning, and 25-year-old Crystal Drinkwalter, travelling wasn’t always on the agenda. Now, they explore the world full time in a van, with their two dogs in tow...


For 26-year-old Jazmyn Canning, and 25-year-old Crystal Drinkwalter, travelling wasn’t always on the agenda. Both had full time jobs, saving up holiday time so they could travel whenever possible.

It was only when the couple decided to take on the Panamerican Route - which runs from Alaska to Argentina - that they began documenting their experiences, and became the Vanwives.

With their two dogs, Bella and Izzy, in tow, the Vanwives say travelling has helped them lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Travelling by van has meant they can explore deeper, heading off the beaten track to places and communities rarely encountered by everyday travellers.

What keeps them going?

In the video, Crystal and Jazmyn explain the value of alone time, despite travelling as a couple and team: “Tensions can get high, but we make it a priority to have ‘me’ time.” They also talk about the issues they sometimes encounter while driving their van - namely, breakdowns: “We put our heads together, we work together, and we figure out how to solve the issue, and we’ve been able to fix the engine a few times now which is very helpful. It’s also really empowering!”

Find out more about the Vanwives by watching our video.

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