Six tips on how to organise and enjoy your holiday memories

A travel photo book with holiday prints designed and ordered online
A travel photo book with holiday prints designed and ordered online Copyright Jill Pole/Euronews
Copyright Jill Pole/Euronews
By Euronews with Jill Pole
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Are you piling up your holiday photos without ever reviewing them again? Here are some creative solutions to enjoying your memories all year round.


Do you have your photos stocked away somewhere and never get to see them?

Does another holiday add pictures to that pile? It's a common problem, but here are some tips that should help.

Find the gems, get rid of the rest

Look through the images as soon as you are back from your holiday. The longer you put this off, the more chance there is for these photos never being viewed again.

Once you downloaded the photographs from your camera, try to:

1. Delete all the duplicates, bad photographs, the shots that you don’t like. No regrets, the less files you have, the more it is enjoyable to look through them when the moment comes. Everything you decided to keep, should be put into a digital folder labelled with the date and location where the photographs were taken. A single organisation system for your files is something everybody should consider.

2. Select 30-50 of your favourite photographs, ready for viewing or printing.

3. Don’t forget to back up your files. The life span of the portable hard drives is quite short and they are very easy to damage so you could loose your archives. Use cloud storage for a backup.

Explore printing possibilities

A photobook is one of the most creative and practical ways to organise and keep your holiday memories alive. You don’t have to be a professional in digital design or printing to receive a high-quality professional-looking product. A vast variety of services make a project like this really simple, providing different templates and materials to choose. Some of them offer printing directly from your instagram account!

Jill Pole/Euronews
A travel photograph visible on a photobook pageJill Pole/Euronews

Turn it into a family project

Printing photographs for albums is not entirely out of fashion either. You can order prints online, and get them delivered to your door.

Using scrapbooking techniques to decorate the album could become a fun activity for the whole family or into your personal project.

Jill Pole/Euronews
A photograph and scrapbooking materialsJill Pole/Euronews

Use it for decoration and home design

Photo frames do not have to be boring. Choosing a frame can refresh the interiors of your home and boost your creativity. “Family frames” for multiple photos allow your memories to shine while requiring minimum space and assembling hassle.

Jill Pole/Euronews
A frame made for multiple photographsJill Pole/Euronews

Go digital

If you don't have much space at home, don’t like to gather clutter or prefer digital to paper, there are plenty of options for you out there, not limited to storage in digital albums. Simple apps for photo and video editing, free or relatively inexpensive, offer a variety of templates to make your slideshow videos fun to make and watch, and easy to share with family, friends or social media. They can be played in the digital frames, on tv screens, or become your computer's screensaver.

Keep a visual diary

In the digital era, doing it on social media, like instagram, it's probably the first thing that comes to mind, but it's not the only possibility. You can keep your thoughts and photos organised, using cool digital features, whilst keeping your photos private and away from any social media platform. A variety of services offer platforms to run a personal digital blog from your phone or computer. The blog can then be downloaded, for a backup copy or printing.

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