Half a day on Fregate Island, Seychelles

Fregate Island
Fregate Island
By Natalie Lefevre

Whether you prefer being in the sea, or looking out over it, you cannot find much better than Fregate Island.

I have read a lot about Fregate private island, a Nature preservation sanctuary and a one of a kind luxury destination. This secluded 5-star island offers pristine coastline, lush forest, and a tree-house built around banyan trees.

This natural paradise offers no less than seven white sandy beaches, coral reefs and plenty of luxury. it is out of this world and a dream come true!

Just getting there is an experience, flying by helicopter over the turquoise waters in the middle of the Indian Ocean, 7° below the equator.

A Hotel

This stunning eco-friendly hideaway has 17 thatched roof private villas. My friend and I stay in the presidential villa, complete with an infinity pool. I hear it's the largest of any resort in the Indian Ocean!

You'll have your own electric buggy to explore the island and the many nature trails. You'll see a lot of wildlife as soon as you arrive. There are 3,000 wild roaming free Aldabra tortoises. The most famous and oldest is Georges who is very friendly and accustomed to tourists, as I approach him he stands up on all four legs and reaches out his neck to get some attention. 

A Restaurant

Almost anything you could want is served here on a very high level. Offering amazing fresh juices from their own gardens, fresh fruit, homegrown and organic. (Plus, everything is untouched by rodents since this island is rat free) You can enjoy fresh catch of the day sushi or ceviche for lunch, watercress cold soup and gazpacho. Also, be sure to try breadfruit chips (from local trees and indigenous to theb Seychelles). They taste like a sweeter version of a potato. They are also served with coconut milk and sometimes mixed as a dessert with sweet potato.

Their wine menu is phenomenal and the fresh lime juice is so refreshing - made with local lime and Bigarade (a type of orange). Try the lemongrass iced tea in the spa or fresh ginger infused local lemongrass hot tea. Their French chef uses local products with a twist of organic accents and spices that he picked up on his extensive travels.

A Sight

Thanks to conservation efforts, unique and endangered wildlife are now flourishing. The granite cliffs and rocks are unique to the Seychelles Islands. Also, there are many varieties of palms, stunning tall Banyan trees that have grown here in peace for years, as well as Coco de Mer coconut which only grow here on these islands.

Take a kayak or snorkel the sapphire sees and meet the untouched underwater world below. Guests are inspired to discover important research and conservation initiatives, such as visiting the turtle garden. During the nesting season, from October to January, guests can watch the ecologists on the beach, whose job it is to ensure that hawksbill and green sea turtle eggs hatch successfully.

The ecosystem is a dream for any nature lover. You can see dolphins, manta rays and (if the season is right) a gentle whale shark. 

A Purchase

The Rock Spa built amid dramatic granite formations, has a yoga studio and treatment rooms with many different products to bring home as a souvenir. Flower and lemon grass infused creams intoxicate the senses. Their boutique also features local artwork and jewelry. I’d recommend you purchase a Coco de Mer coconut, the largest seed in the world, to have as a conversation starter on your coffee table.

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