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European Lens, a fresh view on Europes's photography

European Lens, a fresh view on Europes's photography
By Camille Bello

Euronews is proud to announce the launch of European Lens, an initiative bringing a fresh view on European photography. Each month, European Lens collects striking images from up-and-coming photographers capturing the continent in a unique way.

A strong instrument for expression and documentation, photography is a critical medium for journalism. And because of that, Euronews is delighted to provide a platform for photojournalists across Europe to feature their work — and strengthen our All-Views mission.

Launching on Friday, March 30, European Lens aims to provide global exposure to rising stars in the field of photography.

From striking images to dynamic interviews, European Lens photographers’ work will be featured one weekend each month on Euronews’ platforms to share their insight, style and narrative.

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Young photographer Jorge Alva (@urbanentdecker_) will inaugurate the initiative this weekend.

Fascinated by architecture and urbanism, Alva is based between Berlin and Warsaw, his chosen hubs for capturing Europe’s best spots.

Jorge’s attraction to patterns and symmetry, along with his keen eye for details, translate into surrealist images from everyday scenarios.

Additional sources • Main photo ©: Jorge Alva (@urbanentdecker_)