Half a day in Houston

Half a day in Houston
By Euronews
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Welcome to southern hospitality at its finest!

The US’s fourth largest city is a gateway to central American but also much much more.

A sight

NASA Houston is America’s second most important space installation after Cape Canaveral. If you’d like to play at being an astronaut, go for the day and see the infamous launch room where decisions are made during flights.

If you like outdoor concerts come for the Rodeo in February, tastings at the Chili cook off or little animal shows/festivals in smaller towns nearby.

A hotel

If you want to remain at the Galleria area and have teenagers it may be wise to stay at the Westin Galleria so everyone can be on their own schedule. Houston is a driver’s city but here you have shuttles to the parks and some nearby restaurants. A charming and more secluded option nearby is the Houstonian Club & Spa that gives you access to a neighbouring two story building with indoor/ outdoor tennis, racketball, Pilates, basketball, circuit, gym and any fitness option you can imagine.

A restaurant

Everything is bigger in Texas, especially when you order food! Most menu’s come with bread, cornbread, salad, a side dish with your main meal and are truly large portions; be prepared for a food coma. It may come as a surprise that Houston has over 3,500 dining options from designated areas for Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian foods or even its own China town. Steak houses and Crawfish are its specialty. This town is used to catering to tourists and most locals love to dine out so enjoy the friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to meet Houstonian’s because they’re always friendly opening a door for strangers so try a BBQ if you’re invited.

A purchase

Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl for a day? Opt for a cowboy hat, available in any size for any age. Explore the store at NASA or any Houston airport for freeze dried foods to taste or bring home. Most are sweet tooth options with a larger selection of main menu variations offered directly at a NASA store. If you still aren’t satisfied with these then I suggest buying local pecans; its similar to a walnut but tastier and imost popular in these parts during Thanksgiving or holidays as Pecan pie.

By Natalie Lefevre

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