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Anelise Borges

International Affairs Correspondent

Jeremiah Fisayo-Bambi

‘Inspire Africa’ Anchor

Matthew Holroyd

#TheCube Correspondent

Efi Koutsokosta

European Affairs Correspondent

Ruth Lago

‘Business Africa’ Anchor

Denis Loctier

‘Ocean’ Anchor

Méabh Mc Mahon

European Affairs Correspondent

Shona Murray

European Affairs Correspondent

Giorgia Orlandi

Italy Correspondent

Afolake Oyinloye

‘Business Africa’ Anchor

Frederic Ponsard

Euronews’ Culture Editor

Andrew Robini

Euronews’ Sports Editor

Tokunbo Salako

Euronews Anchor

Manuel Terradillos

‘Euronews Hoy’ Anchor

Sasha Vakulina

Euronews’ Business Editor

Jeremy Wilks

Space, Science and Technology Correspondent

Jane Witherspoon

Euronews’ Dubai Bureau Chief

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    9 June 2022

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    8 June 2022

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    31 May 2022

  • Euronews announces the launch of Euronews Romania

    24 May 2022

  • Euronews Bulgaria, new Euronews branded affiliate, to start broadcasting

    4 May 2022

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