MEP Awards in Brussels celebrates the year’s top European lawmakers

MEP Awards
MEP Awards Copyright Parliament Magazines
By Christopher Pitchers
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The Parliament Magazine's 2020 MEP Awards took place on Tuesday night, with Bulgarian MEP, Eva Maydell playing host. Several MEPs were awarded prizes in their respective categories, ranging from international trade to the environment.


A handful of MEPs had reason to celebrate Tuesday (1st Dec) night, after being voted as the best parliamentarian in their respective categories.

Eva Maydell MEP hosting the virtual 2020 MEP Awards on Tuesday night

Taking place virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the MEP Awards 2020 presented prizes to a large group of Brussels’ European lawmakers, in categories ranging from energy to the environment to international trade.

The event is organised annually by The Parliament Magazine and was this year hosted online by Bulgarian EPP MEP, Eva Maydell, with the prize winners making their acceptance speeches by video call also.

Euronews CEO, Michael Peters, was one of the special guests to present the awards in the field of the Best Use of Social Media.

The prize went to Hungarian Renew Europe MEP, Anna Júlia Donáth, who’s mastering of online communication was voted for by a panel of experts.

Speaking on Tuesday after accepting her award, Donáth said: “When I was elected to become a Member of the European Parliament by Hungarian voters, I made a promise to them that I will become the voice of Hungary in Europe and Europe’s voice here in Hungary.

“I believe that in the 21st-century social media gives me the best platform to do this. Especially because I put a high emphasis on calling on political young voters and I think that through social media I can be more personal, through GIFs and memes and live videos. I also want to thank the Parliament Magazine for organising this award and to introduce this very new category. I am really honoured to be the first one to receive it. Thank you so much.”

The full list of winners can be found here.

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