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"More islands of the Cyclades will be interconnected in the future"

By Aurora Velez
"More islands of the Cyclades will be interconnected in the future"
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Cyclades in Greek means cercle. These islands are not more alone but relied in terms of electricity. A long term project that Ioannis Margaris, form IPTO knows well. He stresses here its challenges and future goals.

Ioannis Margaris – Vice President and Chief Technology, Planning & Strategy Officer of IPTO:

«This project is helping the country to meet its climate change targets. I am referring to the limitations of greenhouse gases as the autonomous production plants will cease to operate. And it's these plants, that produce fuels which contribute to the pollution and climate change

The fact that the project was being completed during the COVID-19 pandemic, put us at risk of a possible delay. However, in cooperation with the contractors of the project, we managed to ensure that there will be no delay. We managed to complete the project successfully, despite the prevailing insecurity and the restrictions on staff movements, both inside and outside the country

More islands of the Cyclades, will be interconnected in the future and I am referring to Santorini, Folegandros, Milos and Serifos. This is what we call the 4th phase of the interconnection of the Cyclades. The 4th phase will be completed in 2023-2024 and the cost of this project is about 380 million euros»