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Spanish scientists create a test that detects Covid in 30 minutes

By Aurora Velez
Spanish scientists create a test that detects Covid in 30 minutes
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As Covid-19 continues to claim lives at an alarming rate across the world, European scientists are working tirelessly to develop ways to stop the pandemic.

At the Barcelona Institute of Nanotechnology, Professor Laura Lechuga's team is developing a nano-biosensor for the rapid detection of COVID-19, known as CONVAT.

"It would be a device that would take a saliva sample”. The Professor explains, “put it in, wait a few minutes and the device would tell us whether you are infected or not and the value of the viral load you have".

CONVAT is one example of the substantial European research effort rapidly taking shape to counter the Covid-19 pandemic

This technology is one of the projects funded by the European Commission for the study of SARS-CoV-2, it would be able to differentiate the coronavirus infection from the common flu infection. The system is similar to what diabetics use to measure blood glucose.

Researchers hope to see CONVAT ready "between December a*nd January", although they are quick to point out that, as it is a research process, it may be a little slower.

You can find out more in a special report coming to Euronews soon.