Euronews holds Reddit AMA to answer your questions on misinformation | #TheCube

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By Camille Simonet
Reddit AMA - u/euronews-english
Reddit AMA - u/euronews-english   -   Copyright  The Cube - Euronews

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked an online wave of misleading information that has been coined a so-called "infodemic".

It includes wild conspiracy theories and dangerous misinformation about how to treat or "cure" COVID-19.

During the pandemic, Euronews' social media newsdesk, The Cube, have been busy debunking this misinformation and separating fact from fake.

The Cube's Seana Davis answered questions on how the team did this during a special Q&A on July 10.

Head over to Reddit to put your question on misinformation to Seana: