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Innovation helps build bridges in Croatia and Serbia

By Euronews
Innovation helps build bridges in Croatia and Serbia

Ljerka Vuckovic, who heads the R-Sol-E project in Croatia, explains how this European initiative is helping Belišće and Gorjani.

"It is being utilised on public buildings, it's being utilised on such buildings which are used daily by children or by our citizens. This is something that gives innovation to this project. So we produce electricity for our purposes. But in days when we produce too much, then the national power company actually takes it over and it gives us money for that energy. It is a kind of innovation in our region for a public authorities to set an example in using renewable energy and to show what the benefits are.

"Public infrastructure structures such as public lighting, such as public buildings, as the town hall, the kindergarten or our football club or our town swimming pool or the cultural centre in Gorjani. These are the buildings that will actually show us and give us the best results, the best examples of benefits from this project."