Belgium 'happiest country in EU'

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By Shona Murray
Belgium 'happiest country in EU'

Belgium is now the happiest country in the EU. That's according to a new survey from Eurostat, 76 per cent of Belgians, alongside the Netherlands, Austria and Finland claim to feel happy all or most of the time over the last four weeks.

So we asked the people of Brussels why they are so happy.

"I'm sure we on top of the list, anyway. Maybe not the happiest but one of happiest of Europe, yes," says one resident.

"Maybe, maybe Belgians are the happiest people in Europe. Maybe because they tend to accept compromise, accept the situations they live in. Maybe...I don't know if they have big expectations, so if you don't have big expectations, well, you tend to be happier.... maybe," says another.

For some the question is more personal than national.

"I feel pretty happy right now. To say that all Belgian people are the happiest, I think that's not true, I think happiness comes down to self-satisfaction and how you are satisfied with your life."

Another resident says that it can be down to politics.

"We have a democratic government, its not the case of a lot of countries around the world. Yes, we are lucky we can say what we want without going to jail, or things like that. Of course we are lucky but maybe we don't know that."