Hong Kong protesters bring their voices to Brussels

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By Jack Parrock
Hong Kong protesters bring their voices to Brussels

A delegation of the leadership of protesters in Hong Kong are pressuring European leaders for support in Brussels.

They're trying to raise awareness about the police brutality during the ongoing demonstrations.

Entering the European Parliament, pro-democracy Hong Kong activists Alan Leong and Lee Cheuk Yan came with a clear message they want Europe to hear.

"It is high time that world leaders in the liberal democratic camp should agree amongst themselves to agree to adopt a common position against Communist China,"  says Alan Leong, Chair of Civic Party.

Protests started when Hong Kong authorities proposed a bill to allow the extradition of its citizens to face trial in China.

Police violence by Chinese authorities caused outrage around the world - but while the EU has condemned the violence, that's as far as they've gone.

During their meetings with MEPs and officials here in Brussels they've pressed for EU sanctions against leaders in Hong Kong who they say sell out the one country two system structure.

"We, many times, respect China in many things. But I think that China has to respect the rule of law and democracy principles," explains  Tomas Zdechevsky - Czech, EPP MEP.

They are calling for the European Parliament to set up a special subcommittee of the human rights group to focus on Hong Kong.

In response to this visit, China's diplomatic mission to the EU told Euornews - "Hong Kong affairs are entirely China's internal affairs. And that No foreign government, organization or individual has the right to interfere."

"We need to world's support and I think that this is the fight of two values. And we have to ask Europe - which side are you on?" says  Lee Cheuk Yan, General Secretary of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions.

And that's the question they want to leave hanging in the air here in Brussels.