The Brief: Hungarian MEP brings progressive ideas to Brussels, Russia approves toll highway

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By Shoshana Dubnow
Katalin Cseh, MEP
Katalin Cseh, MEP

New Hungarian MEP ready to fight Orbán's "scare tactics"

Katalin Cseh is one of many new faces in the European Parliament, but she did not come from a traditional background in politics. She's a doctor and health economist from Hungary, and one of the country's two MEPs who joined the liberal Renew Europe group after May's elections.

Cseh helped to found the Momentum Movement, a progressive Hungarian party, during college with eight of her friends. She said the party's mission is to go against the "scare tactics" Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has used to stay in power.

"The state is not being run in an efficient manner," she said. "I started to really disagree with the way our government is taking public affairs — how it's not representing us young, European-minded people."

Cseh is part of the 40 per cent of women in the newly-elected European Parliament. It's the closest the parliament has been to gender parity, but Cseh said she still has to prove herself.

"You have to work harder," she said. "You have to be more fierce. You have to be more fierce if you are a young, progressive woman in Hungary."

Cseh said she plans to address issues like rule of law and corruption during her five-year term.

Russian toll highway approved

The Russian government has approved plans for a toll highway stretching 2,000 kilometres across the country.

The privately-financed motorway will run from Belarus in the west to Kazakhstan in the east, carrying traffic between Europe and China.

Initial costs are estimated at more than ten billion euro.

Ireland concerned about disorderly Brexit

Ireland's finance minister Paschal Donohue said he's worried there's now a significant risk of a disorderly Brexit in Brussels on Tuesday.

Donohoe said the country is taking measures to protect itself from any legal consequences. He also added he believes the EU's new leaders will continue showing Ireland the same level of support in Brexit discussions.

Innovation in food

A conference in Brussels looked at innovation in food. Experts discussed topics like sustainable foods, food fraud, and market access for regulated foods.

Challenges when it comes to Europe's food security stem from climate change and environmental degradation.