Exam-bound student misses bus and crashes car before police rescue

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By Euronews
Exam-bound student misses bus and crashes car before police rescue
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French police say they stepped in to rescue a student who missed a bus and then crashed a car in trying to get to an exam.

With just 10 minutes before his Baccalaureat history test began on Monday, Loic, 18, was still several kilometres from the exam hall.

He had earlier missed a bus that would have taken him the 30 kilometres to Albi, north-west of the city Toulouse.

The teenager borrowed his father's car but lost control of it and crashed into a safety barrier, police said in a Twitter thread.

Officers assessed he was unhurt and not under the influence of alcohol.

But at 13.20 CEST on Monday he was still at the roadside and several kilometres from the site of the exam, which was due to get underway at 13.30.

"Get in!" Sergeant Christophe V. told him and escorted him the rest of the way.

"It is 13:28, Loïc arrived with 2 minutes to spare under the dumbfounded eye of his comrades ... All the police of France and the police station of Albi wish him good luck," officers said.

The Baccalauréat is the test that French students must pass at the end of secondary education in order to get into university. It was established by Napoleon in 1808.

It is the equivalent of the Selectividad in Spain, the Advanced Levels in the UK and Germany's Abitur.

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