Rock star politics in Romania

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By Euronews
Rock star politics in Romania

The European Union held its first post-Brexit summit half a year before Brexit.

And in order to get everybody used to it, Theresa May was absent.

Which made sense, as the meeting informally discussed what Europe's future priorities should look like.

Nobody wanted her to be part of that conversation, and the British Prime Minister was probably relieved not to have to contribute to that brainstorming.

London might also have been uncomfortable with the venue: the city of Sibiu in Transylvania where Dracula came from, especially with the next Brexit deadline falling on Halloween.

The EU leaders agreed on ten points regarding the future of Europe.

Climate change featured only tenth as a priority – a fact that was immediately criticized by the European Greens, not present in Sibiu.

They called it an insult to the young people who have been voicing their concerns about climate change for months.

Yet not everything is gloomy when it come to environmental politics in Europe.

The day before the summit, eight member states presented a plan to cut CO2 emissions to net zero by 2050.

Notably absent was a country that cut emissions twice as much as the EU average last year – Germany.

Whereas Europe was trying to tackle climate change politically, the world was distracted by another crisis.

One that could easily intensify in the months ahead.

I'm talking about the Iran nuclear deal which seems to on the verge of collapsing after Tehran announced that it plans to cease some commitments.

Yet the one behind the slow death of the agreement is Donald Trump.

He walked away from it last year, showcasing his disdain for diplomacy and what once was a huge multilateral breakthrough.

Next week

On Monday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will meet US President Donald Trump at the White House.

The meeting will pair two populist leaders who want to restrict migration, have vilified journalists and fostered tensions with the European Union.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov hosts his US counterpart Mike Pompeo in Sotchi.

Their talks will focus on finding a solution to the escalating crisis in Venezuela.

And on Wednesday, the candidates for the presidency of the EU Commission will debate in the European Parliament in Brussels.

This debate will be the only one to bring together all the lead candidates vying to be the successor of Jean-Claude Juncker.

Last Word

This time it goes to Jean-Claude Juncker. The EU Commission President, at a press conference, who talked about his biggest mistakes in office.

"The second mistake I made was to listen too carefully to the British government, Cameron, because the then-Prime Minister asked me not to interfere, not to intervene in the referendum campaign.

It was a mistake not to intervene and not to interfere because we would have been the only ones to destroy the lies, which were circulated around. I was wrong to be silent at an important moment."