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Finland's six city strategy making impact

By Euronews
Finland's six city strategy making impact

The 6Aika strategy is based around testing real solutions with real people. Finland's largest 6 cities are small compared to other major European cities, but cooperation has made them stronger. Every year one of the 6 cities presides over the 6Aika board. Euronews spoke to Ritta Birkstedt who took on this role in 2019.

“We have very interesting projects in terms of transportation, for instance, autonomous Transportation, city logistics. We have several projects in the employment field, and education also. I think that we have strongly pushed forward on the sustainable smart city operating model in Finland. We have had not only 50 projects in this programme but also more than 4000 companies involved in this. And the impact if you consider that we have almost one-third of Finnish population living in these areas, the impact on the services and projects and products that we have created during this time, is tremendous.”