Cuts in the east, hikes in the south - EU funding plans revealed

Cuts in the east, hikes in the south - EU funding plans revealed
By Damon Embling
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Hungary and Poland are among eastern EU states facing reductions in cohesion cash


Hungary and Poland have had their fair share of spats with Brussels - and now they're set to have EU funding cut.

While the European Commission plans would see reductions in cohesion cash going to the east, more would be spent in the south - those countries hit by migrant and economic crises.

It's described as a new approach, taking into account more than just economic output. But some may well see it as a form of punishment. 

"Let's look at Italy, in the north and in the south, or in Greece, so other regions are confronted with the consequences of migration and we cannot ignore this," said Corina Cretu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy.

"We have found an allocation method which is calibrated to provide a balanced and fair distribution of cohesion policy funds that supports, that goes where it is most needed."

Italy and Greece are the first port of call for migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Eastern countries, led by Hungary and Poland, have refused to be hosts under an EU relocation plan.

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