Mideast and Iran overshadow EU-West Balkans summit

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By Damon Embling
Mideast and Iran overshadow EU-West Balkans summit

They've been putting the final touches to the meeting venue for an EU-West Balkans summit in Sofia, but the menu of discussions has changed somewhat.

Iran, the Middle East peace process and trade tariffs have become the dishes of the day, overshadowing EU enlargement talks.

And there's Donald Tusk versus Donald Trump battle going on - played out on Trump's favourite communication tool.

"Someone could even think 'with friends like that, who needs enemies?'" reads the tweet from EU Council president Tusk - adding, "thanks to him (Trump), we got rid of all illusions."

The question is can the EU show a united front, something the UN's chief called for in Brussels, saying "we have the Cold War back with a difference."

"The role of the EU is absolutely essential," he said, "And so my appeal here in Brussels is for the the European Union to be more and more united, more and more effective, more and more present and for its voice to be more and more heard in international relations."

Unity is a buzzword in Brussels, but will the EU be singing from the same hymn sheet by the end of the summit.