US embassy against 'just solution' for Mideast, says Lebanon

US embassy against 'just solution' for Mideast, says Lebanon
By Damon Embling
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"We are going to resist, refuse and fight if we are attacked," foreign minister tells Euronews


America's controversial opening of its embassy in Jerusalem is fuelling foreign criticism - slammed as undermining peace efforts.

Speaking to Euronews during a visit to Brussels, Lebanon's foreign minister said it goes against finding a "just solution" for the Middle East - and called on the EU to become a "fair broker."

Damon Embling, Euronews: "We have seen the US has moved its embassy to Jerusalem. Now, you've described that as a provocation and I quote putting "all peace paths in the region in front of a dead end." What do you mean by that? Is that a threat?"

Gebran Bassil, Lebanese Foreign Minister: "We are under threat, we are being attacked. We never threatened anybody. We are seeking peace.

"It (referring to US embassy, Jerusalem) is abiding by the Israeli interests unfortunately and not taking into consideration a just solution for the Middle East.

"We are going to resist, refuse and fight if we are attacked. We are going to fight for all our values."

Euronews: What do you think the EU should be doing in all of this?

**Gebran Bassil, Lebanese Foreign Minister: "**Playing a role, the missing role of a fair broker."

Euronews: "And the Iran nuclear deal, Donald Trump is tearing that up right now. The EU has said it wants to stand by it. Do you think it is the right deal?"

**Gebran Bassil, Lebanese Foreign Minister: "**I believe dialogue is the solution. Talking and closing the gaps on differences is the solution."

Euronews: "Do you think this deal will survive, do you want to see it survive?"

Gebran Bassil, Lebanese Foreign Minister:

"I want to see Iran, a state implicated in peace, implicated in prosperity.

The alternative is isolating Iran to put Iran in a closed mode, where it will only innovate methods to defend itself."

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