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Is the Iran nuclear pact in trouble?

Is the Iran nuclear pact in trouble?
By Euronews
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Trump sanctions ruling threatens to torpedo EU-backed deal


Donald Trump’s view of the Iran pact is the opposite to that of European ministers who’ve been meeting with their Iranian counterpart and the EU’s top diplomat in Brussels.

Hailed by backers as crucial to stopping Tehran building a nuclear bomb, the US president says it’s the “worst deal ever negotiated.”

“The Europeans are trying hard on both sides: convincing the Americans to stay in the deal, and then, should the US drop it, then at least working with the Iranians, to not immediately leave the deal as well, but to give them some time to come to an agreement which, one way or an other, can preserve the deal,” explained Cornelius Adebahr from Carnegie Europe.

It’s delicate for Iran right now, as it faces the demonstrations at home – linked to the frustration of young people, who thought the lifting of sanctions would improve their lives.

“In Iran the only people who are happy with the pact are (Foreign Minister) Zarif and (President) Rouhani, or maybe the people close to Rouhani,” said Majid Golpour, from the Free University of Brussels.

“But the problem is, despite all the State propaganda and their influence on public opinion, they couldn’t spark the public’s interest in this deal. So, I think the Europeans should be aware of that.”

Iran’s foreign minister says Thursday’s Brussels meeting had shown a “strong consensus” that Tehran was complying with the pact.

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