No sign of healing in EU-Poland relations

No sign of healing in EU-Poland relations
By Euronews

New Polish Prime Minister refuses to give ground during Brussels visit

He came to Brussels on a charm offensive. But Poland’s new prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki showed no sign of scrapping a controversial judicial overhaul, that’s straining relations with the EU.

Brussels has launched an unprecedented legal case against Warsaw – and it’s getting continued backing from one German MEP.

“We need to proceed with Article 7,” Ska Keller, a Green MEP, told Euronews, “this is a very important tool that we have in the European Union. Sure it should be a matter of last resort, but I don’t really see what else, what previous steps could have been taken.

“And it should not be acceptable inside the European Union for one member state; be it any state to go against the European rule of law and values. So this really needs to be followed up strictly.”

Morawiecki says he wants to clarify misunderstandings – and that he believes dialogue will lead to de-escalation.

But if there is no resoluton, Poland could ultimately have its voting rights suspended, although Hungary has vowed to stand in the way.

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